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Paul Haggis Oscar winner recieves Claudio's Award creation,June 29,2005 by Canadian Counsul General Alain Dudoit & by Canadians Abroad at the Official Residance in Los Angeles.

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Claudio D'Agostino was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. He has had pilgramages to many regions such as Rome and Calabria, Italy where he travels, and where his family still live today. Claudio and his family moved to the United States in 1979.

In 1992, Claudio's mother convienced him to start sculpting as he did as a teen.Also, when Claudio worked and lived in Beverly Hills, he was inspired by Nancy Hendler another artist to continue his art and express himself. In that same year Claudio met multi-talented Educator. Lecturer, Writer of "Whispers In The Wind" Laura Peterson, M.A. of Studio of Ceramic Arts in El Cajon,CA. Laura inspired him to be proud of his masterful sculpture creations and to show the world. In 1994, his talents were recognized by the National Italian American Foundation and one of Claudio's original Porcelain flower sculptures was presented to President Clinton at his table during the N.I.A.F.'s annual Gala dinner in Washington, D.C. Later in 1995 the N.I.A.F. introduced Claudio to Sculptor Domenico Mazzone who gave Claudio the incentive toward sculpting the human form. Not long after in 1997, Claudio unveiled his first life-size sculpture in San Diego and within a few years began, teaching sculpture in Lemon Grove California.

Claudio has been featured in national, international publications and television and a few select Art Galleries and shows.

Today, Claudio is listed in Who's Who in American Art, local and national publications. He is a member of the National Sculpture Society in New York, N.Y., the National Italian American Foundation, Washington, D.C. , Canadians Abraod Los Angeles to name a few. His works are in private collections.

Claudio, having no formal training, it is fair to state that he is a self-taught artist.

In his own words "Today I am rich in liberty, I have the freedom to create anything I wish. I've had the right to have chosen my work and job as an artist, a job in which my God given talent's,experiernce and abilities fit me. I give thanks to God and to the men and women who have given thier lives, protect ours and continue to do so in our military, firefighters, police, paramedics in our communities each and every day, and to all my friends and family who inspire my life and my creations!"

God Bless our country and our mother earth.


The Canadian maple leaf balancing on a California surf board. This Award gives meaning to one outstanding Canadian living in the State of California for thier outstanding accomplishments in that year.


Laura Peterson ,muti-talented author of "Whispers in the wind" profectional teacher of Potery, artist , humanitarian and my dear friend whom I adore!


The late Domenico Mazzone, the sculptor who made me believe I was born to be a sculptor, he was my friend, his soul inspires me each and every day.